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Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage which can reduce pain, stiffness, muscle tightness and muscular tension.  By increasing blood flow to muscles, massage can help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise.

Techniques used in Swedish massage are also implemented in sports massage, however; the pressure is usually more intense and focuses more on problem areas and stiff muscles rather than massaging the entire neck and back etc.

Please be aware that Sports massage is not a relaxing treatment, however, you will find the positive results afterwards of great benefit and can last for many weeks following an initial course of treatment making this type of massage worthwhile.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Increases circulation by improving the removal of waste products (lactic acid).
  • Increase supply of oxygen and nutrients to help muscles recover and speed up the regeneration process.
  • Helps Prevent injury - through regular monitoring of the condition of muscles and other soft tissues.
  • Improves flexibility as well as performance and enhances the enjoyment of sport.
First Treatment

The first treatment will include a full consultation which will cover areas of concern and the focus of the massage, as well as going through any previous medical issues that may restrict the treatment.



30 minutes session - £25

45 minutes session - £35

60 minutes session - £45